Hi All

It is exactly 16 weeks since we launched our website and the journey both pre-launch and post-launch has been great with lots to learn and filled with challenges.
The response that we have had so far from users is overwhelming. We are humbled and really appreciate the efforts that the users have taken in giving us their feedback for making this a great site, of which we have incorporated very few till now and will incorporate the others gradually.

Today we are launching our blog to better interact with our users. On this blog we will be having regular entries on the country’s events/policies with an expert blog once every month on any topic of the expert’s choice.

We set out with a vision of “To be an informative, educative and interactive online platform on Indian politics, noteworthy national events and to increase awareness about important national issues by ensuring participation from our fellow citizens” and we still have a long way to go before we fully realize our vision.

Till now over 20,000 unique visitors have visited our site and we are thankful to our users for pubcizing our site. We will soon be launching a comparison feature on our website and add more features in the coming months.

At this point we would like to express our sincere thanks to Edul Patel, Aarav Singhal, Himesh Joshi, Ankur Tulsian, Srinidhi Govindarajan, Vivek Jha, Allen Richard Kerketta, Raju Naik, Suresh Varghese, Ilyas Saudagar, Aniket Bokade, Kamlesh Agrawal, Shrikant Shelke, Piyush Chauhan, Y. Akshay and Sharth Mandan who helped us before our launch to get the site launched on time. In December we were joined by two awesome people Harshavardhan and Umang Mathur who helped us in making the timeline and comparisons feature (which will be launched very soon).

We really look forward to your continued guidance and support.
We would love to hear from you (please drop us a email at [email protected]) and would like your help in spreading our site.
We are planning to make this a user developed interactive blog (please drop us a mail at [email protected] if you would be willing to contribute) and are confident that you will help us in making this a wonderful blog on Indian politics.

Team Netapedia